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Why hide IP? I don't have anything to hide.

As soon as you go online, you obtain a univocal Internet Protocol address, abbrev. IP. Your IP address is a sort of internet tracking device and can be traced back all the way to your front door. Every web page operator can retrace exactly what you did on his web page: what products did you take a look at, but then didn't buy? What pictures did you look at? Your internet provider can also see all kinds of data, such as what movies or songs you up- or downloaded from your legal file sharing network.

It is not a question of having something to hide or not. You have a right to privacy (to hide IP) and don't have to justify it to yourself. Take the freedom to surf the internet and up- and download files unobserved.

How does Hideway's anonymous VPN server work?

Over a so-called Virtual Private Network (VPN), a sort of "tunnel" is built between your computer and one of Hideway's VPN servers, over which the entirety of your online activities is handled. This tunnel encodes all the information flowing through it using a SSL-connection, which is e.g. also used for online banking, and thereby makes it absolutely tap-proof – even for your internet provider. The tunnel leads to one of the Hideway servers, which then forwards the request to the web. Thus, you surf the web remaining absolutely anonymous: the web pages that you visit only see the IP address of the Hideway server.

Hideway acts both as an anonymizer and an antispyware solution. We hide your IP!

Very important: the Hideway server is located in a country without mandatory data retention. Only this way can you be sure that no nosy officials are reading your data!

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