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Hideway Advantages
  • Hide IP address for anonymous surfing - so Hideway acts both as an anonymizer and as an antispyware.
  • From Hideway's server, you may continue 100% anonymously.
  • Secure protection against data retention. You connect to Hideway's server in a country without data retention law through an encrypted VPN tunnel.
  • Hideway VPN only stores indispensable data - also read out Privacy Policy
  • Secure VPN connection also for WiFi/WLAN ... important for those connecting through an open WLAN access point (for example, in coffee shops)
  • Free demo account
  • Hideway VPN is a must for all downloaders
  • Hideway VPN be used for all Internet applications - Web, Email, Usenet, VoIP, P2P, Emule, Torrent, tor, ...
  • Hideway VPN is based on open source VPN software OpenVPN
  • Hideway VPN is easy to install on MS Windows or Mac
  • Reasonable monthly fee
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